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Audrey at Home

On Wednesday I briefly talked about me and my friend Michaela’s styling project. If you don’t remember, then I will remind you. We were assigned to do a still life photo shoot based on a style icon (we chose Audrey Hepburn). Michaela and I were in complete control of the whole shoot. We had to book a photographer, find a location, get the appropriate props that were needed, and clothing and accessories that resembled our icon. I am so happy and relieved that we finally finished! We received many emails from Iann (our photographer) of all the beautiful pictures she took for us. After many hours of picking and choosing and editing our favorite pictures, we finally made up our minds. So much time and patience went into this project, but we are ecstatic with our result. Who would of thought that styling could take so much out of someone?! A stylist’s job is definitely misleading…if you think that it is all fun and games, you are wrong! I give major props to people who dedicate their lives doing this. Trust me, I am not complaining. I had a blast doing this, and feel like I can really see myself being a stylist, with Michaela! It is scary how similar our taste is, and we happen to work really well together. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy our fabulous editorial spread, Audrey at Home.


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And remember the inspiration of the day: “Fashion is architecture. It is a matter of proportions.” – Coco Chanel

Goodnight, CB

Chic or Treat

Tonight is the night we have all been waiting for: Halloween! I am sure everyone is so excited to throw on their tacky, cheap, and probably ugly costume tonight…not! I think Halloween becomes one of those holidays where most people dread after their kids grow up (or even when their kids are young)! We have to humiliate ourselves, put a fake smile on, and pretend we are all so excited to be dressed up! We all know once we reach a certain age, there is a big difference between what a “cool” costume is, and what an appropriate costume is. Halloween gives teenage girls (as well as some in their 20’s) an excuse to dress up in the smallest, skankiest outfits they can find! I myself, will admit that I am guilty of this! BUT, if I had a lot of money and was able to afford chic costumes, then of course, I would choose an outfit I could wear again. Mom and dad this is a hint to you…if you supply the stylish costume, I will say goodbye to my tiny ones!

Black Cat


1920’s Flapper


A Grape


A Greek Goddess

greek goddessshoe2

An Indian


A Leapard




A Skunk


See, aren’t these costumes so much more fun to look at? Like one of these styles? Go to Shopbop to check them out.

A Runway of Food

Wait a minute, could this actually be true? Do people in the  fashion industry actually eat food? Well, it sure seems that way, since a new cookbook featuring 100 fashion designer’s favorite recipes has hit the bookshelves! This great project that was created by the Council of Fashion Designers of America has a full array of recipes. From Carolina Herrera’s pommes toupinel, to Derek Lam’s yellowtail crudo, I am sure we all will be begging for more!


Want this book? Click here.