Monthly Archives: November 2010

Winter Wonderland

As the years have gone by and I’ve gotten older the thought of winter weather has become more appealing. Some tend to get down with the weather in fear that they won’t be able to look their best with raining and freezing temperatures, but this year has surpassed the last with what warm weather wear is available. From leg warmers and socks to fur hats and coats, the winter has never been so stylish, yet having an excuse to stay indoors has never seemed so great. Getting bundled up in the comfort of your own home, sipping coco by the fire and catching up on your cookbooks is just the ticket to kicking the cold weather blues.

Holiday Wear

Another Thanksgiving came and went and now the upcoming holidays have taken over, leaving the day of thanks as a distant memory. After seeing the shopping centers packed to their capacity over the weekend, it left me in a frantic mode of what to wear (and what will be left to buy) for upcoming holiday parties. I try and stay away from neutral tones and stick to festive colors to show as much holiday spirit as possible. Whether it is a sequined mini ensemble or a classic one-shoulder red dress, the holiday season is about stepping outside your comfort zone and into a full new you for the new year to follow.

1. French Connection Dress– $290

2. Mini Flap Clutch– $203

3. Dark Nest Cuff– $155

4. Ice Shoe– $140

5. Twist Necklace– $225

6. French Connection Dress

7. Jewel Clutch– $175

8. Snobbie Sandal– $100

9. Marchesa Dress– $660

10. Gold Earrings– $78

11. Crystal Beaded Clutch– $252

12. Joe Sandal– $108

Thanksgiving Highlights

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday of the year. Nothing can compare to gathering around a beautifully set table with people you love and eating massive amounts of food. Even though we ate earlier than usual this year I still am in a major food coma and hope to snap out of it before a hectic day at work. To all of you who are braving the crowds and heading to the malls for shopping, have a great day of sales and stop by the new Betsey Johnson store at the San Francisco Centre for some goodies!