Monthly Archives: January 2011

Oatmeal Cookies

My weekend didn’t turn out how I had hoped it would; the weather was awful, I couldn’t make it to the farmer’s market and I didn’t have a lot of down time. I did manage to make a batch of these cookies Sunday morning which did make up for everything else. I always love an excuse to bake something and when a friend is going through a rough patch it’s the perfect time to whip something up. This was such a simple recipe to follow (I added coconut and nutmeg into the batter) and it honestly was just the right snack to bring to work.

Weekend Plans

{walking around the city to soak up the beautiful weather}

Winter break has sadly come to an end and this will be my last weekend of not having any school related responsibilities. Thinking about Monday rolling around and having to wake up at the crack of dawn can put anyone into a  deep somber. Instead of having my emotions ruin my last free weekend I am trying to stay focused on the few simple things that I have planned to end my break on a fresh start. Have a wonderful weekend!

{doing a farmer’s market run to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies}

{organizing & selling previous seasons clothes to make room for spring}

{baking something tasty to share with you all next week}

Spring Bags

I am always looking for an excuse to buy a new bag and with Spring collections slowly making their way to department stores, it has been pretty hard not giving into temptation (except here). Technically we are still in Winter (even though CA has seen nothing but Sun the past week) so any glimpse of color can make any dreary day seem pleasant. From top designers to inexpensive lines, this coming Spring season is all about adding a classic shaped purse with a pop of color into your wardrobe.

1. Charlton Bag– $128

2. Hiller Hobo– $498

3. Heart Sac– $28

4. Metallic Lily– $245

5. Louis Vuitton