Monthly Archives: April 2011

My Week

This week felt exceptionally long with a lot of homework, work hours, and saying goodbye to the boyfriend as he headed off on a mini trip, I’ve never been so anxious for the weekend to arrive. Even though my schedule lately has been packed I was still able to squeeze in a movie date and some much needed girl time. Despite the fact that I still have loads of work, I’m looking forward to having a girls night with my mom and sister which will consist of dinner and the ballet. The best way to de-stress is to hang with your family; they somehow always know how to make things more positive. Have a relaxing weekend everyone!

Rush Hour

{vest: bb dakota top & shorts: audrey 3+1 tights: hue shoes: jeffrey campbell jewels & sunnies: vintage bag: vintage fendi}

Anything that’s crochet or made of lace is alright in my book. There is something so appealing to a simple and romantic look. Lace especially can be worn for so many different occasions; whether it’s shopping, a day at the museum or a double date for dinner, it is quite versatile and my obsession will forever grow. These photos were taken last week on the way to meet up with some friends at a delicious tapas restaurant. It was a simple look to begin with so I had to add a fur vest into the picture to make it a little more evening appropriate. These photos aren’t the best because it was that time when we knew that a delicious feast was waiting ahead of us!

Rainbow Cupcakes

This past weekend was my best friend’s birthday and since she has had almost every treat I have ever made, I knew I had to go all out for her birthday celebration. I used a basic yellow cake and cream cheese frosting recipe but obviously spruced the cupcakes up.I  separated the batter into 6 bowls for dyeing them the appropriate colors to make a rainbow. I layered each cupcake tin with each color and hoped for the best. It was fairly simple although I ran out of batter quickly which resulted in less cupcakes than I had anticipated. However, they still were delicious and very festive I must say!