Monthly Archives: May 2011

Vintage Lingerie

Recently I have become smitten over vintage pajama sets and lingerie. Call me old fashion or maybe just girly, but I love the idea of getting dressed up for bed. Most negligees are extremely feminine with lace, silk & embroidery, and though it can seem a bit over the top to wear just to get into bed, the femininity that comes with these items comfort me.  They are delicate and extremely beautiful that they even could make a nice wall display. I like imagining what fancy lady got dolled up in each specific piece, and how she felt while wearing it. Even if there wasn’t a past owner it’s always nice to create a story behind each garment.

{photos via tlo, vintage vixen, bfantasy, madmak & jolly dolly}


{dress, cardigan, shoes, & jewels: vintage bag: marc jacobs sunnies: anthro}

I always love an excuse to bbq and since this past weekend was Memorial Day weekend we headed back home to the peninsula for a very belated mother’s day celebration (which included a bbq). It was such a treat to be with some family in beautiful weather where for the first time in what feels like ages I didn’t have to wear nylons (that must mean Summer is here)! I got this adorable vintage dress a few weeks ago and I love how sophisticated it looks with the structured shoulders, yet the print and length make it more playful. The only thing missing is my tan, which I assure you will be here soon enough!

My Week

Now that I am out of school and don’t have any work to do I must admit I feel a little bored when I am not working at my job. I love not having to stress over assignments that seem pointless, but I am definitely the type of person who enjoys having a packed schedule. This is only the second week of my vacation and I have months ahead of me which means I have to come up with a Summer task that can keep me busy. Though I am working all weekend I plan to come up with ideas on fun worth while projects and in between I will be hanging out with family since my Aunt is visiting from out of town ( I see some shopping in my near future)! Have a wonderful and sunny weekend!