Monthly Archives: April 2012

Plaid Pick-Me-Up

{dress, sunnies, hat, jacket: vintage sweater: marc jacobs shoes: zara bag: chanel jewels: vintage, ralph lauren, jennifer meyer & c/o anjolee}


I’m a big fan of a good plaid print but sometimes feel that it’s hard to find one with nice colors other than red and green. Clearly I was obsessed with this particular dress because it had a much more feminine feel to it and didn’t feel so holiday like. It has a drop waist but because of its length my short frame couldn’t pull it off. I try to not shy away from pieces that look too big because there are always ways to make something smaller. Whether you decide to hem its length, get it tailored to fit or in this case use a simple belt, don’t get discouraged by the size of something, you’d be surprised at how easily things can be adjusted to better fit with your style.

My Week

I’m still trying to get adjusted to this whole not going into work thing. I have so much more time on my hands where I don’t need to be rushed to finish all my school work in one day – which has been amazing, but, I’m also trying to learn how to equally spread my work out so I always have something to do. Not that I’m ever out of things to do since there are always articles, tutorials and new blogs to come across, so really my work is never complete! I think I’m just starting to get into a new routine, though I’m sure once I fully feel satisfied, school will be out for the Summer. Oh well, live and learn I guess! I don’t have any major plans this weekend as my little Mr. is out of town. I’m sure I will catch up on some of my guilty pleasure t.v. shows while he’s away otherwise they will sit in our queue forever! Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

P.S – Many of you asked about my tattoo in my last post.. I got it 3.5 years ago and it says, “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” XOX

Moderately Styled

{skirt & cardigan: vintage leotard: aa sunnies: f21 shoes: gap bag: net-a-porter jewels: jennifer meyer, charlotte russe, thrifted & modern & c/o anjolee}


I would say this is a fairly simple outfit for me. I’m not one to stick to basic colors as I like to explore as many possibilities with various shades, textures and prints, because you never know what may unexpectedly turn out to look great together. Just like anyone else there are days when even I choose the easy route when it comes to my outfit. However, when I do opt for a shortcut I try and wear some chunky jewelry, a pop of color – or both (in this case) to bring my moderately styled outfit up a notch.