Monthly Archives: June 2012

My Week

This week was definitely long – I had an exceptionally hard time adjusting after getting home from Amsterdam, I was fighting a cold and couldn’t get myself to focus on anything of importance. Obviously, I’m really excited that the weekend is here as I plan to rejuvenate by surrounding myself with friends and family! I did however, have some time to think about my blog and things I want to change and grow (it’s a work-in-progress). I think that photos are what give a blog character and I want to focus even more on taking the greatest pictures possible and styling the best outfits I can – ‘quality over quantity.’ Anyways, I just wanted to share what’s been going through my head lately and wish you guys a wonderful weekend!

Purple Flowers

{dress & blouse: vintage shoes: zara sweater: h&m bag: betsey johnson (other color here) jewels: jennifer meyer & c/o: anjolee}


This dress has been in my closet for years and I bet I will have it for many more. It’s one of those pieces that’s exceptionally comfortable with its elastic waist and flowy nature while still being versatile for any season. I’ve worn it with mustard tights in the fall and bare legged in the spring, there are many possibilities with styling it as the simple color palette makes it easy to not get sick of  (hence why I’ve held onto it for so long).


{sunnies & shorts: vintage blouse: primark sweater & shoes: thrifted bag: zara jewels: jennifer meyer & c/o anjolee}


Yesterday I definitely had a case of the Mondays; nothing was inspiring me, I was having a wardrobe meltdown and just needed to get out of our apartment. Do you guys ever have those days? They are the absolute worst! My boyfriend and I decided to walk down to the the movie theatre to see Moonrise Kingdom which perked me right up! It was one of the cutest and sweetest movies I’ve seen and you should all go see it before it’s gone. Anyways, an easy neutral outfit was what I decided on, colors I don’t wear too often as I always gravitate towards brights, but I guess it kind of went with my mood yesterday. Oh well, today’s a new day and I’m already feeling better!