I decided to start my personal style blog, Lady à la mode in October of 2009 as a way to connect with the rest of the world by sharing things that inspire and make me happy. I love playing dress up, shopping, hunting for unique vintage treasures, decorating my apartment, cooking & finding projects to do that don’t cost too much money. Bubble baths are a must followed by a stack of gossip magazines and Oreo cookies. My family is the most important group of people to me.

{photo taken by Adriana Klas Photography}

I love taking pictures, painting my nails multiple times a week & eating frozen yogurt whenever possible. Girl’s nights with laughing fests & dance parties are important weekly rituals. I love having a fully stocked closet with shoes, jewels, bags & frilly frocks. The quickest way to my heart is getting me a pair of shoes with a side of cupcakes. I recently moved away from the  San Francisco Bay Area where I was born and raised to explore the city of dreams: Los Angeles. This city has so much to offer and I can’t wait to leave my very own imprint. For now I’m just trying to finish school with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising with a focus on Fashion Journalism, while balancing work, the fast paced industry & the roller coaster ride of life. I hope you enjoy following my adventures!

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Michaela

    Aw! Caitie this is soooo good!!! Your writing is ammaaaaazing!
    yay we can follow eachothers bloggies now hahah!
    Totally going to bookmark this!

  2. Laurel

    You are now my undisputed go to girl for fashion news!!! I am one of those people who are overwhelmed by the sheer number of options out there–retail, etail, magazines, blogs, other ads, sales, people on the street, etc etc. I always like having someone pick & choose for me from this vast array and share it in manageable bits. I absolutely LOVE your new blog! I look forward to continuing to be a big fan, and telling lots of people about it!
    xx Laurel

  3. Mom

    Ketz, you are a blogging maniac. 😉 I feel like every time I turn around there is a new blog entry! Wow! If this keeps up I will never get any work done because I’ll be too busy reading your blog and thinking of how I should update my wardrobe. You know how much I hate shopping so all your fabulous advice should be very helpful. This is great and I can’t wait to read it and spread the word. I love you my sweetie. xoxox Mom

  4. The Charm Chick

    Loving your blog Caitie! I wanted to ask/get your opinion on a DSI company that I am an Independent Stylist for called Jewel Kade! We are launching nationally on July 1st and there is no other company out there like ours in the DSI! I would be happy to send you a piece if you’d like for your review! You can view more of the JK line on my blog @ http://www.thecharmchick.blogspot.com or @ http://www.jewelkade.com. Let me know. Thanks so much for your blog… it’s wonderful!

  5. Americanfashionfox

    Hi Caitie!

    Your blogs are fantastic. Glad to know that you are a vintage lover as well. We are glad to inform you we are an online thrift store which uses Ebay as our marketplace. If you would like amazing Vintage clothes at bargain prices and if you are willing to write a blog post on us and what we do, please visit us at http://www.americanfashionfox.com.

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