Au Revoir, Paris!

{top: joie shorts & belt: vintage shoes: miu miu (similar here) bag: rebecca minkoff jewels: jennifer meyer, c/o anjolee}

When traveling, my favorite thing to do is wake up early with absolutely no plans for the day except walking. While tours are sometimes a good idea, I really feel like you get to see the city more. Plus, you never know what you may find along the way ((even if you have been before) — especially so in Paris. Because it was so hot I opted for easy outfits like dresses or a pair of shorts, and a loose top. Obviously, shopping was also on my mind, so having pieces that were easy to take on and off was essential! These Miu Miu flats were one of the special things I splurged on. It was kind of like a Cinderella moment when I tried them on, just perfection! Paris will make you do some crazy things I tell ya!













23 thoughts on “Au Revoir, Paris!

  1. Alison

    Those eclairs look like heaven! I am the same way when traveling, if there are a few monuments, sites that I want to see I make sure my strolling involves just that!

  2. Closet Fashionista

    The flats are so cute, definitely a good splurge! When I went to Paris we only had the day so we just wandered around and made sure to hit a couple of the important places (Notre Dame, Louvre (it was closed so we couldnt go in) and the Eiffel Tower)
    Exploring is so much more fun! But if we had more time I would have done a tour too

  3. nancy @ adore to adorn

    absolutely gorgeous! I would feel like Cinderella too if I tried those babies on!! They’re beautiful. Glad you got them!! And what a wonderful memory of Paris to have on your feet. =D

  4. Hannah

    Your vintage flats are soooooo cute I’m just dying! Beautiful photos as always. I wish I were in Paris!

    Xo, Hannah

  5. Toni

    Those Miu Miu flats are so cute!! And they will go with everything. :) The pictures of the eclairs look soo tasty. Are those mint leaves in the first one? That sounds like it would be delicious! <3


  6. Peet

    Isn’t travelling the best?? I see we’re both doing some at the moment, or have recently been doing it.:) Great photos, babe, I love the soft light! And as for your previous post – boy, did you stay in a gorgeous hotel, I envy you!:)

  7. Sam

    Hi Caitie, your photos of Paris are so dreamy, makes me wish i could visit right now, I couldn’t comment on the last post for some reason but the hotel is an image of pure luxury. Thanks for sharing these splendid pics!

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