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Blake Lively Style

The spotlight has been on the Gossip Girl Blake Lively for some time now making more and more fans from around the globe. The 23 year old has been blossoming into a memorable actress as well as a girl with an unforgettable wardrobe. Miss Lively has expensive taste as she is frequently seen in runway garments that hang in all the right places on her beautiful figure. This young beauty knows how to edge her look up whether she is on the red carpet, or on or off set. Blake always sports sexy heels, sequined frocks and comfortable basics that have the rest of the world wishing they could rummage through her closet.

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MTV Movie Awards

Okay, I am a little behind on giving my opinion on what was worn on the red carpet for the MTV Movie Awards. I must say that there were more outfits that I didn’t like than there were of me liking.

Likes: The Hilton’s & Whitney Port

As much as I despise the Hilton’s, I will say that they came in some simple, nice outfits. I am more attracted to Paris’s dress than her sisters, but if you saw what other stars wore, you would agree with me that they looked pretty good. Whitney Port always looks good in my book. She has a very simple, sweet style that she always rocks.

Dislikes: Lindsay Lohan & Katy Perry

I am sad about Katy Perry, because I always think she is a very attractive girl, who usually dresses well. Don’t get me wrong, I love the dress she chose to wear, but that electric blue hair just ruined the whole look for me. I don’t know what Lindsay was thinking when she was getting ready for the red carpet. Her outfit is beyond heinous, and I don’t care who you are, this outfit would not look good on anyone!

Too Much Gaga

Okay, I am probably one of Lady Gaga’s biggest fans, and I love how she isn’t afraid to wear crazy things, but let’s get serious, when is she crossing the line with her “stylish” looks? I would say 90% of the time I absolutely love what Gaga is wearing, but the other 10% is just so confused as to what she is trying to do. When is it too much? I think that her sporting antler ears, that look bigger than her, is crossing the line. What is the point of that? What fashion statement is she trying to make? There is a difference between being original, and being flat out weird, don’t you agree?

Inspiration of the day: ” It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure.”- Coco Chanel

Goodnight, CB