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Garment Rack

For the longest time I’ve wanted a garment rack but not a standard one, one that has a vintage industrial feel. My boyfriend and I are planning to make one so we can design it exactly how we please. Since both of our schedules have been ridiculously busy this Summer we haven’t had the time to do so, meanwhile my closet gets bigger by the day making it almost impossible to find anything. I cleaned it up and gave into buying a temporary rack until we have the time to make our dream one. I’m so excited by how it looks and love the idea of rotating pretty little frocks that are currently inspiring me.

Chalkboard Decor

I’ve always been drawn to the idea of having a designated area where we could leave silly notes for each other, recipes, or a current grocery list without having it be permanent.Adding a chalkboard to a home is a quirky idea that can make a living space more welcoming to you and guests that come over. My boyfriend and I finally found a chalkboard that we both were satisfied with at the flea market a few weeks ago, and though we haven’t hung it up just yet we have found the perfect little cove for it. While searching the Internet I came across a few other chic living spaces that incorporated chalkboards making me think that we will have to rotate our newest treasure to different parts of our apartment.

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Having years of experience under my belt in the shopping department I have grown to be a pretty good bargain hunter. Over the weekend I scored my best piece yet only because I was up for a challenge. I walked into Jeremey’s (one of my all time favorite stores) and was instantly drawn to a beautiful pink, soft leather-ed, ruffled bag whose gold closure glistened with the name Valentino printed along it. I was confused as to why this beauty was left behind during the weekend blow out sale, soon to realize that it was a bit beat up and needed some definite TLC. One handle was broken, a metal piece was missing and a portion needed to be reattached, but all of these things were minor in my mind and there was no way I was going to leave it behind, especially when I would be saving a whopping $2425! I brought it to my step dad and within a few hours he had fixed it leaving me with my new favorite possession.