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What’s New

 {Back To School Jumper– $30}

I’ve had some great luck the last few weeks with finding new treasures for the shop. There are so many cute coats and blazers for Fall that I couldn’t help myself from getting but now I have an overload in my apartment! A lot of them need some fixing up so they will slowly make their way into my store, but at least you have something to look forward to, right?! Hope you love these adorable pieces as much as I do!

{Pure Simplicity Dress– $35}

{Orange Coat– $50}

{Sailor Moon Dress– $30}

{Prairie Plaid Girl Dress– $30}

{White & Black Ruffle Dot Blouse– $25} 

{Fuchsia Coat– $45}

{Polka Dot Tunic– $25}

What’s New

 {Come Polka With Me Dress– $25}

A new week calls for a new batch of goodies, don’t you agree?! I haven’t added too many new items to my shop but that’s okay since they are all extra adorable & girly! I’m getting really excited that Fall is here because the colors are so rich and delicious… though I still have a fair share of brightly colored pieces, I just can’t help myself! Hope you guys love these simple pieces as much as I do!

 {Golden Heart Sweater– $30}

 {Sweet Coral Blouse– $20)

 {Velvety Green Dress– $27}

 {Plaid Pick Me Up Dress– $30}

{Check Please Blouse– $20} 


What’s New

 {Vivienne Tam Cocktail Dress– $65}

Here’s another small batch of pretty dresses that I’ve added to my shop, and once again the majority of the pieces are from my Aunt’s very own closet! I love getting items from my family from when they were younger, it makes updating my shop even more fun because I know who the garments belonged to. I also forget that my family members were once my age too… it’s just so weird to think about! Anyways, hope you all enjoy these few dresses as much as I do & don’t forget that I’m having a sale in my shop… enter coupon code FALLCLEANING at checkout and get 15% off!

{Pick Flowers With Me Dress– $30} 

{Purple Fields Dress– $30}

{Prettiest Peplum Dress– $30}