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What’s New

 {Navy Mini Skirt– $27}

I love every single piece that’s been added to my shop this week & I hope you all do too! I’m doing a sale that’s starting today through the weekend to make some extra room for Fall goodies. Enter discount code FALLCLEANING at checkout to receive 15% off your purchase!

 {Dotted One Piece– $30}

 (Sun Check Dress– $35)

{Confetti Blouse– $25}

{Butter Me Up Blouse- $25}

{Mellow Yellow Coat– $40}

{Holiday Cheer Dress– $55}

{Soothe Me Dress– $45}

{Key To My Heart Sweater– $28}

What’s New

{Mint Patty Dress}

I haven’t updated my Etsy shop in a few weeks since everything has been so chaotic. I’m hoping to have a free day in the near future where I can have the whole day to search for pretty treasures to be added. In the meantime I have a variety of classic pieces that are the perfect addition to your Fall wardrobe, hope you enjoy!

{Sweetest Tweed Dress}

{Cherry Dot Ruffle Blouse}

 {Vintage Betsey Johnson Blouse}

{Brown Trousers}

{Checked Cropped Jacket}


What’s New

Shopping, not just for myself but for others is one of my favorite things to do. I love the hunt and always  being rewarded at the end by finding little treasures. There are times when I get attached to my new found gems and need some extra time with them before I sell them off to their next owners (I swear, I’m not a hoarder)! Whether I wear them or keep them on display, just knowing that they still belong to me is all I need. I have an eclectic mix of items this week and one item in particular has been on display in my apartment for a little over a month and I finally feel ready to sell them. These Fendi boots (photo above) are unbelievably cool and I would keep them if they fit my feet comfortably; I hope they find an amazing new home!