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The World’s Oldest Leather Shoe

My aunt sent me a very interesting article today, and I was instantly drawn because the title had the word shoe in it. Scientists were in Armenia looking through some old caves, when they came across the treasure: a shoe that goes back to the Copper Age. You won’t believe that even after 5,500 years, the shoe was still in tact. Now, you would never catch me (or anyone I hope), wearing this down the street today. It has nothing on Louboutin’s or Manolo’s! I will say that I am pretty impressed that even after all of this time, it is still in good condition. There have been many occasions where I have had a rough night out, and I am lucky if my shoes are still in one piece. This really shows how much hard work went into making the leather shoe. If you are interested in reading the article, click here.

Inspiration of the day: “There are two things that make a room timeless: a sense of history and a piece of the future.”- Charlotte Moss

Goodnight, CB

Fashion Winehouse

After reading many articles saying that Amy Winehouse is doing a collaboration with Fred Perry, I finally gave in and believed what I was reading. How is this possible? How is it that every celebrity that isn’t in the spotlight anymore seem to wind up collaborating with a designer? I have said this before, but I think celebrities need to stick with what they are good at. It is rare that someone is born with outstanding singing skills, design skills, and acting skills, don’t you think? Come on, these celebs, need to pick what they are best at and stick to it. It’s just annoying to see all of these people collaborating, when they don’t even know what they are doing! There are plenty of people out in the world who are actually going to school and working their butts off to be in the industry, and it is just a piece of cake for all of these other famous people. I am really curious to see what this line will have. Considering I am not a big fan of Amy’s style to begin with, I probably will feel the same way about the collection.

Vintage Chanel At Paris Auction House

Yesterday, more than 800 pieces of vintage Chanel was at a Paris auction house, ready to be bought. This is another reason why I want to move to Paris… to be a part of these chic events! Everything from shoes, buttons, blazers, and dresses were a part of this fabulous auction. People from all over Europe as well as phone bidders from Asia and the U.S were the frantic shoppers…. this was a big deal. I have always wanted to attend an auction like this. I think you get great deals on things that usually cost thousands of dollars. Now women from all over the world will be able to sport these vintage Chanel classics for many more years.

Read the article on the auction.