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How to Make a Bow Tie Into a Hair Clip

{Step 1: gather vintage bow ties (mine were found at my grandparents house), hair clips, sharpie, hot glue gun & extra glue}


I’ve been talking with my boyfriend for a while now about collecting vintage bow ties to make them into hair clips. I’ve always loved the look of a bow tie; it makes a rather formal look feel more playful and laid back. That’s exactly the feeling I’m going for whenever I add a hair piece in… it tops off my look in a charming way. If you’re a hair bow junkie like myself then this would be a fun, easy & inexpensive project to do to add to your hair accessory collections.

{Step 2: align the hair clip & bow tie and mark exactly where you want to glue them together}


{Step 3: after you have finished glueing let the bows cool off for a few}


{Step 4: wear your new hair clips however you please!}


All Girls Are Princesses

Every girl loves the idea of wearing a crown; whether it’s adjoined in jewels or flowers the thought always brings up fairy tale endings which have stuck to the back of my mind for years. Yesterday I desperately needed a break from my homework and decided to embrace the little girl in me by making a floral crown of my very own (click here for instructions how). It was a quick and easy project which turned out to be the absolute perfect afternoon getaway. Clearly it doesn’t take much to make me happy, and as one of my all time favorite icons once said, “Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.”- Marilyn Monroe

Love And War

If there was a way to go back in time I would definitely choose to be a part of the roaring 20’s. This was a huge time of change for  women, rights and fashion, which makes it that much more of an intriguing decade. I enjoy flipping through old books or watching movies that pertain to this era. My older sister took part in co producing, assistant directing and script supervising a short film called Love and War, which takes place during the jazz era. They had a small dedicated crew that was able to create a film that had everything from fashion and love to pain and war, leaving an impression and a need to see more.

{Help fundraise the crew to get them to their goal here; check out their facebook & blog}