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Casual Days For Days

[top: madewell shorts: vintage shoes: 10 crosby derek lam bag: madewell jewels: c/o alisa michelle, jennifer meyer, vintage, gorjana griffin sunnies: c/o warby parker belt: madewell]

I’m completely in love with this top. I love how it’s a little romantic, boho, and casual. But it’s not too casual—the little details definitely add a slightly dressy element. And since getting it, it’s been on constant rotation in my wardrobe so I’ve had time to test it with all sorts of bottoms. The verdict? It pretty much goes with everything. Can’t wait to wear it to the beach this summer!





Everyday Jewels


[jewelry: c/o Alisa Michelle

While I do love my chunky jewelry—necklaces, rings, bracelets— I’ve recently been much more drawn to simple, minimal pieces, like this Alisa Michelle jewelry— so my jam right now. I love how dainty the necklaces are and how I can layer them with each other or others I have. And don’t even get me started on this arrow bracelet; it’s pretty much my favorite thing. I love the fact that I can wear it further up on my arm and have it stand out from the rest of my jewels.




Shorts Come Out to Play

[top: madewell (old) shorts: vintage shoes: madewell (love this color, too) jewels: jennifer meyer & marc by marc jacobs (old) sunnies: c/o warby parker bag: madewell]

Does anyone else put their shorts into two categories? Like, the shorts that you can wear year-round (with tights when needed) and the ones that are strictly for spring and summer? It might just be me, but I sometimes feel silly wearing tights with certain shorts (think pineapple prints and peachy-pinks). And this pair happens to be one of my favorites, too, but I can’t get myself to wear them during the fall or winter. So now that it feels like summer, I can wear them as much as I want! Not only is the cut ideal (high waisted, not too short), but the peachy-pink color is actually pretty neutral—but more fun than a simple gray or tan.