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A thought

Things have really changed over the years. Celebrities used to be the only ones in the style spotlight but in this day and age top tier bloggers are also considered influential. Don’t you think? I know that when I’m looking for inspiration I don’t look at photos of actresses or singers like I used to, I look at other real life girls who have killer style.

Recently I’ve started to notice a certain trend going on. All of the real life girls I usually turn to for inspiration are wearing everyday clothes but with a serious price tag. I have no judgment towards them in anyway; in fact I applaud them and their success. It can, however, be intimidating to others who are trying to do the same thing but don’t have the same kind of budget. Yes, a designer label is nice to have but it shouldn’t be what drives your sense of style. A stylish person can create the most beautiful outfit with pieces bought at a thrift store. You can still have style without dressing (and spending) beyond your means.

I know this isn’t my usual sort of post but it’s been on my mind. And okay, my boyfriend wasn’t back in time to take my outfit pictures!


Naomi and Lavender

This week always seems to be the most hectic even though it’s Thanksgiving! I know that once the stress leaves there is only excitement left! I obviously get really excited for Black Friday because there are so many wonderful sales going on. I can’t really take the crowds though, so a lot of my shopping will be done online. A new online boutique, Naomi and Lavender will be having some fab Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals! They will be hosting a virtual drawing for their Facebook fans (become a fan here) and giving away up to 40% discounts to randomly selected fans. It will be going on all weekend! On top of that they are being even more generous by offering $20 off all outerwear on Cyber Monday as well as giving 10% off to those who sign up for their newsletter. I wouldn’t miss out if I were you – they have some seriously cute things (I have my eye on the cable knit sweater)! Stay up-to-date with the new awesome site by following them on twitter!

ASOS Marketplace


I’m almost positive I’m not the only one completely obsessed with ASOS Marketplace. Being that I have a love for all vintage clothing I’m constantly on the hunt for new vintage shops that sell unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that are inspiring. I love that ASOS has a marketplace for small business owners to curate their shops in a way that they feel demonstrates what their brand is all about. It’s also very community oriented which I’m all for— which is obvious since I’m a blogger! It’s nice to be able to browse and take note on things other shop owners do when it comes to their business (styling, photography, pricing, etc.) and I’m sometimes able to use what I’ve learned and apply it to my shop in a way that speaks to me and the brand I’m trying to create. I’ve literally spent hours looking through a ton of the boutiques and have managed to create a full new ‘bookmark folder’ on my computer dedicated to items on my wish list… it’s a serious addiction!




{all photos are taken from various boutiques on the ASOS marketplace}