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Q & A: Stefanie Kuncman of Steffy’s Pros & Cons

One of the best parts of being a part of the blogosphere is finding others who not only are similar to you but also inspire you on a daily basis. I have quite a few blogs that I follow regularly but only a few leave a lasting impression, like Stefanie Kuncman’s blog, Steffy’s Pros & Cons. She is a favorite of mine at the moment for always being positive with a quirky attitude and style. We’ve become friendly via twitter and leaving comments for each other on our latest posts. She was nice enough to agree to do an interview with me and her answers were just as amazing as her blog! 

What made you decide to start your blog, Steffy’s Pros & Cons?

I started my blog after I moved back from living in Nicaragua with matt for 7 months. I lived off of reading fashion blogs while I was there because I was fashion deprived, and it would make me feel inspired. When I came back I just couldn’t NOT start a blog of my own, and so steffys pros and cons was born!

You also have a very sweet vintage shop, Tea & Tulips! Did you start off with that or your blog?

I started off with the blog and my best friend sara suggested the shop. I thought it was a good suggestion.

 Do you work full time on your blog & shop or do you have another day job? Do you have a fashion and/or business academic background?

I work part time 2 days a week at a local boutique and I go to school full time for fashion merchandising. I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism also that I completed in 2009, and after working in the industry for a year and a half I decided my passion lies with fashion, so I made the decision to go back to school for it.

Where are your favorite spots/ shops to buy at for your shop? What do you try and look for?

I have a few spots I go to in order to shop for the store, and I know by now when each one will have “what I am looking for.” My favorite by far is “flamingo plaza” the best plaza ever here in Miami. Also, urban jungle in Brooklyn is amazing. I always try to look for whatever color I am in the mood for, great patterns like polka dots or bright florals, and of course cute collars! Just things that pop out to me!

It seems that vintage clothing shops are starting to become a movement, what do you think differentiates your store from all the others out there?

I think my shop is just ‘me.’ I think anyone who knows me can look into my shop and think that what I am selling makes sense. I think people who don’t know me can get an idea of who I am from my shop. Everyone is different and unique, so I think my shop is different just because I am different and it is a direct representation of me.

Where do you hope you (and your blog/shop) will be in the next 5 years?

I don’t hope too much or have too many expectations. I do it because I love to do it, and because I meet so many amazing people through it. I probably will never have the guts to rely on my store full-time, even if it blows up and begins doing amazing. I just like to have financial security, and you can never predict anything when it comes to income/sales.

What are some tips you can give for new bloggers and/or shop owners that are first starting out?

Hm, well I am kind of just starting out too so give me tips jk! I would say.. try to sell items that you don’t think anyone can find anywhere else. That is my biggest tip. Sometimes I will see a shirt and fall in love with it, but when I really think about it I feel like someone can get it somewhere else. Customers are paying shipping so they really want to get their hands on something unique!

Style At Any Age

The idea of getting older is a scary thought for some, but to others it’s a natural part of life that can’t be changed. I look at every decade as a chapter of my life through fashion sense; the first ten years of my life I thought that wearing polka dot spandex, cut off blouses and  Tasmanian devil high tops was the best outfit choice possible. Looking back now, I am confused as to why my parents even let me out of the house!  Back then that outfit was perfect to me but as I have gotten older my style has matured (for the better), and I feel that with every year that goes by my taste continues to blossom. This video that I found really put me in a great mood because it demonstrates that age is nothing but a number, and you can wear whatever you want as long as you do so in a confident manner. I hope that when I am old I will be like these ladies; my girlfriend jokes that I am already halfway there with my love for vintage clothes and over sized grandpa sweaters.

{video originally found here}

Interview with Ashley Ording of Fancy Fine

{Ashley and I in the dressing room- photo taken on my phone}

Just over a week ago I went to the fabulous vintage clothing expo (mentioned hereand here) and while there I spotted one of my favorite fashion bloggers (Ashley of Fancy Fine, who also lives in S.F.). I instantly felt butterflies take over my stomach, almost like I was a little kid again. My boyfriend and sister encouraged me to introduce myself but me being the shy girl that I am was hesitant at first. It wasn’t until it was just me and Ashley in the dressing room that I got up the courage to talk to her. It was one of the most surreal experiences I have had and her humble and sweet personality will always stick with me. I took this opportunity to ask Ashley a few questions and I hope her answers are as inspiring to you as they were to me. Enjoy!

1. What made you start your blog, Fancy Fine?

I found myself reading more and more style blogs a few years ago (when they first became popular) and I was so inspired by the interesting and eclectic style that was represented. I was already comfortable with having a personal site because I’d kept an online journal of sorts since I was 13, which then became a photography portfolio. But seeing that it could be this very specific thing, a place to share my vintage obsession, is what finally motivated me to make the blog. I really had to convince myself it wasn’t a silly, pointless endeavor… but I’m so glad I went for it!

2. Your style is unbelievably sweet, fun & vibrant. What tips do you have for vintage shopping and ‘thrifting’?

Thank you! The only “tip” that ever really comes to mind is to buy what you love. I am rarely searching for anything specific when I go to a thrift store, flea market or vintage shop. I just look at everything and buy what speaks to me (corny as that sounds). I keep my mind open and sometimes let myself go for something crazy without a second thought just because it makes me happy to look at it. This way of shopping means that every piece in my wardrobe feels like a favorite… I don’t buy basics just because I think I “need” them. I’d rather spend my money on a beautiful lace dress! I also try not to let other people influence me too much when I’m shopping, which is why I usually go alone. That way I can take my sweet time and not have to seek the approval of anyone else.

3. What are some of your favorite spots and/or vintage shops in S.F.?

There are so many… we’re lucky folks here! The best thrift shops are in the Mission district. Thrift Town, Mission Thrift and Clothes Contact are a few of my favorites. As for vintage, I have excellent luck on Haight Street at Wasteland, Held Over and Static. I also do love getting out of the city from time to time and checking in one on some of my top secret favorite vintage places! But you’d have to get me quite drunk before I gave those up. :)

4. If you could choose a different decade to live in which one would it be and why?

I think it would have been amazing to be a young adult in the 20’s for a million different reasons: jazz music, the clothes, the hilarious dances that were all the rage, the general excitement of things being so new and fresh. But I also think I would have fit into the early 60’s quite well too. I’ve always had a soft spot for early 60’s music and fashion.

5. Who is your personal favorite style icon?

I have a few: Anna Karina, Chloe Sevigny, Eva Fontanelli, and a smattering of fellow bloggers who inspire me daily!

6. What advice can you give to new girls starting fashion blogs?

Be bold and have fun! Also, creating as much original content as possible is very important to me. The blogs that I enjoy the most are the ones that feature the style and surroundings of the person behind them, and not necessarily a lot of content culled from other places. So, invest in a great camera and just document the hell out of everything. I also find it’s helpful to join a site like Chictopia or and post photos on there as well because the audience is built-in and they will visit your blog if they like what they see.