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Rice Krispie Treats

What is it about Rice Krispie Treats that never cease to amaze or disappoint me? Is it the simplicity to their form? The very few ingredients needed to make them? Or the countless ways to change them up? Whatever the reason may be I have been a loyal fan for years and still find pleasure in eating (and making) these deliciously sticky treats. This time around I kept them pretty simple by using this recipe and adding a hint of pink food dye… I’m telling you, there will never be a day where there’s too much pink in my life!

New York Crumb Cake

I’ve been a fan of crumb cake since I was a little girl. I remember everyday that my dad would drive me to school we would stop at our neighborhood favorite for a quick bite; I always ate the sweet crumb top off the cake and leave the rest behind… some things never change ! I was a bit skeptical to try this recipe because I didn’t want to ruin my love of crumb cake by messing it up. It turned out to be really easy and pretty delicious, though I have to admit there is something so comforting in getting a piece from your favorite coffee shop.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake Pops

I have the biggest sweet tooth around, so much so that I’m surprised none of my little teeth have fallen out… just kidding! I love baking just as much as I enjoy eating the treats and I always try and make things that somehow represent my style and personality; cake pops were the perfect example at just doing that. Aside from being messy, they were incredibly fun and pretty easy to make. I followed this recipe, simply melted and dyed chocolate to dip them in, chose an array of toppings and decorated to my desire. They’re the happiest and most delicious treats to display and are perfect to have when friends are around.