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Spring Adjusting

With every season comes a different routine for each person; whether it’s enjoying a little extra time during winter mornings (legs don’t have to be shaved), or switching from a heavy concealer to a light tinted moisturizer in the spring. Even though it’s difficult to fully transition right from the start, it’s always a refreshing feeling when you can store heavy coats under the bed in exchange for swimwear that’s  been hiding for what feels like years. We are almost a week into Spring and though San Francisco hasn’t shed any sun, I’m in high spirits knowing that beach days are just around the corner. Have a lovely weekend!

1. Bandeau Top– $135

2. Blue Bottoms– $26

3. One Piece– $60

4. Vintage Bikini– $55

5. Oil Free Sunblock– $31

6. Round Glasses– $10

7. Tinted Moisturizer– $40

8. Cat Eye Glasses– $210

9. Beach Waves Spray– $26

Spring Candy

When it comes to shopping I am a definite addict but I can hold back and have self control when needed. However, when Spring rolls around I lose all control. Everything catches my eye; from the short and sweet dresses to the maxi and floral print skirts, nothing is off limits. I try not to restrict myself from any style or cut of a garment because I enjoy having eclectic taste. These are some current favorites of mine that I can’t seem to get out of my mind.

1. Retro Glasses– $340

2. Dot Skirt– $110

3. Brown Wedge– $88

4. Pink Retro Bag– $55

5. Essie– $8

6. Floral Strapless Dress– $385

7. Sunhat– $225

8. Pink Lipstick– $35

9. Floral Suit– $60

10. Vintage Nude Cuff– $29

11. Gypsy Crop Top– $36

Current Obsession: Pleats

{all items from modcloth}

When I was younger I used to hate the thought of having to wear anything that had pleats; skirts were to school girl-esque, pants were unflattering and shorts created a box-like figure. Up until now I have always admired those who wore garments with pleats, but now I seem to not be able to get them out of my mind. Currently I am lusting over pastel pleated mini skirts and of course the maxi skirt, which has been in the spotlight for some time. These pieces are the perfect go to item for Spring because you can simply wear a cropped or over sized top, that balances the femininity and dressiness from the skirt with comfort and pleasure from the top.