Cookie Cake Pie

A few weeks ago I received a desperate email from my boyfriend with a link attached saying, ‘for the love of god will you please make this.’ I must admit when I looked at this recipe I was even a little hesitant to make it (me–the one with the ultimate sweet tooth). It seemed a bit over the top but after I let the idea sink in I was all for it—I mean, I love for things to be extravagant. What couldn’t be good about it (besides the fact that it could easily cause a heart attack)? I went into it thinking that it would take hours to make since the recipe is actually three separate ones put together. Surprisingly, it was exceptionally easy, maybe because I swapped pie crust recipes for this instead, which saved me time. I’m glad I gave in and made this decadent treat, but this is definitely a once a year (at most) indulgence.

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