Finding Inspiration

{dress & shoes: vintage vest: anthropologie bag: vintage chanel jewels: bauble bar (old but love this), jennifer meyer & c/o: anjolee}


I’ve reached that dreaded end of the year point: lots of clothes – non of which I want to wear anymore! I’m sure most of you are familiar with this and agree that it’s the absolute worst. Talk about being in an uninspiring slump! Well okay, I’m being a little dramatic it could be way worse. I just haven’t really been able to get inspired by my clothes. This dress was the only thing that actually caught my eye on my overly stuffed rolling rack. The color is the perfect shade of red and the paisley print adds some character to its simple cut. Long sleeve dresses make for the best layering pieces too… so I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to wear my denim vest!

What do you guys do when you’re looking for inspiration?

24 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration

  1. EMA

    I think the best way of getting inspired is either looking at (lot’s of inspiration there) or reading vogue! Some of the looks you find at both these places can be quite extreme for eveyday outfits but a toned down version of them usually works perfectly!

    Hope it helps 😉

  2. Sam

    To be Honest….looking at other bloggers style for me is inspiration, everyone has such a unique point of view. Its a beautiful dress, great colour and I like how you added denim to the mix. And I spied the gorgeous necklace too!

  3. Tasha

    Hi Caitie!

    Lol I understand! I seem to be having the same problem! I think I’m now on an 8 item rotation of the pieces are really like. What a fail! But I adore the printed dress and the red is such a vibrant colour, exactly what you need during Fall.

    Love the post, as always!
    ~ Tasha

  4. katherien

    this is a perfect dress! and that necklace is a great match to it. and i get that uninspired slump – i have not been feeling a lot of my clothing lately either. i can’t seem to stop wearing the same few dresses to work and when i wear something different, i keep feeling uncomfortable or cold and i end up wearing my stupid north face i keep at work for when i inevitably don’t wear a thick enough sweater. ugh.

    <3 katherineof corgis and cocktails

  5. toni

    I adore that dress! Long sleeved dresses are the best for fall. :) I know what you mean about feeling uninspired. I actually keep a folder on my desk top with sub folders inside of it that are specific to clothing items or seasonal looks. So for example, Fall Outfits, or Denim. And I add blog photos or lookbook photos of outfits I really love or would like to recreate and whenever I don’t know what to wear or can’t decide what to wear, I’ll browse that folder. It’s really helped with blogging and it was pretty much my Pinterest board before Pinterest started. LOL.

    Another thing I do, is go through my clothing and start purging. Then I’ll take those clothes to Crossroads Trading Co and try to sell back what I can. Then I use the store credit to buy some new things. That way I’m not spending any money, and I’m recycling. :)

    If it helps, you’re always inspiring to me! <3


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