Interview With Nicole of Glitter and Gold

One of my favorite things about blogging is finding new blogs that speak to me. I fell in love with Glitter and Gold after hearing about it through Glitter Guide. The owner, Nicole, is absolutely adorable and I was able to catch up with her and find out a little more about her and her blog!


What made you want to start your blog Glitter and Gold? I started my blog almost two years ago as a creative outlet. I needed a space to speak my mind and share a little bit of my life, trends, and style. I’m so happy that I made the choice to start Glitter & Gold. It’s something that I truly love doing.

Where do you find inspiration the most? Working in fashion fosters my creativity and allows me to get inspired every single day. That inspiration always moves me to write a blog post or style my home or myself in a different way.

Your blog is a mix of fashion and interior décor. What are you more passionate about? I work in the fashion industry so I’m absolutely more passionate about that. Not only is it what I spend my 9-5 doing, I also choose to spend my free time writing about it… that’s a lot of love!

How would you describe your personal style? Classic with an edge. Blacks, whites, and grays with pops of glitter and gold.

Does your style also reflect how your home is decorated? Absolutely. It’s so important for me that someone walks into my apartment and says “that’s so you”. When I leave my apartment every morning I sometimes chuckle at myself because more often then not my outfit matches it perfectly.

Do you keep any of your wardrobe and/or accessories on display at home? Yes! Next to my vanity I wanted a way to display my jewelry and sunglasses so I actually DIY’d two frames to make a display for them. It’s one of my favorite parts of the bedroom and they were so simple to make. You can see the DIY for the necklace organization here (… it’s sure to make you wear your accessories more often!


What do you do to keep your home feeling feminine but not overly so? I know how hard it can be to keep you and your guy happy when it comes to decorating! It’s very hard! I try my best to add masculine elements into our apartment and to always consult him on big purchases of course. In the corner with my huge metal ampersand (not the most manly of items) I framed two Navy vs. Army tickets from the 40s and when you walk into our apartment the first thing you see is a vintage Marine Corps recruiting poster. Also I feel like keeping the color pallet more neutral always helps. In my case it’s black, gray, and white.

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life what would it be? That’s a tough one! I think I’d have to say studded loafers, Gap 1969 boyfriend jeans, a plaid shirt, and a cozy sweater. Hopefully this doesn’t happen though because I’d rather not wear that to my wedding!

What are some trends you think are worth investing in this season and others that aren’t worth spending a ton of money on? Anything extremely trendy I would buy at H&M or Target, a good example of that for me is peplum. Same goes for hidden wedges, I absolutely love them but buying a pair from Ash is probably a mistake when Aldo has some fantastic options for a fraction of the price (that’s where I got mine). I would invest in a great berry lipstick like Nars Funny Face, a great pair of waxed or glazed jeans, and anything oxblood colored.

What’s your favorite place to shop for your home? Do you like ordering random things online or do you have a regular spot you go to stock up? I won’t buy furniture online but I will buy home accessories. The majority of my home décor comes from Marshalls, Home Goods, and Target but my favorite place to shop for home décor would have to be West Elm.



What’s your most prized possession in your closet? There are A LOT of things in my closet but the most important are my Jimmy Choos. My fiancé gave them to me when we first started dating and five years later they are still my absolute favorites!

What advice can you give to someone who doesn’t have a big budget but wants his or her home to be nicely decorated? My advice would be to pull images from home décor sites and identify the big-ticket items vs. the smaller more visual elements. Invest in pieces like your couch, rug, and coffee table, but look to find less expensive versions of those other items that pull the room together.

What’s your perfect holiday ensemble? Sparkle, sparkle and more sparkle. This is the best time of year to celebrate all things glittery (and we know how much I love that) so put on that sequined dress, add some color to your lips and get out there and enjoy the holidays!



*Photos taken from the Glitter Guide and were shot by Alexandra L. Frumberg