Menswear Vibe

{top: madewell cardigan: rugby shorts: madewell shoes: everybody (love these) bag: marc by marc jacobs jewels: jennifer meyer}


I caught a nasty bug this week and have been feeling extra sluggish. It’s hard to want to do anything when you feel so crummy but just like everyone else I have responsibilities – including getting myself dressed. Regardless of my state I always try and make an effort to get ready in the morning. This passed week I’ve noticed how my outfits have had a real menswear vibe to them. I think I’m naturally drawn to the oversized yet tailored pieces and the crisp sophistication that comes with them – especially when I’m not feeling so hot!





43 thoughts on “Menswear Vibe

  1. Toni

    It’s like the sickness is spreading around the blogosphere! Let’s get it out of our systems before spring hits. :) I loveee those shorts and it’s such a great mix of boyish and girly. Have a great weekend! <3


  2. Elsha

    I am the same way, sometimes I have to force myself to wear fitted pieces, but you look fantastic and this lace shorts are so man-ish 😉 and just so you know, I’m obsessed with your blog! One of my absolute favorites to read

  3. Sam

    Hi Caitie, I love how you’ve added your own spin to the menswear trend, the oversized cardigan is charming and adore the cute lace shorts. Thanks for your kind words over at mine. Have a wonderful weekend hun!

  4. nancy @ adore to adorn

    YAY to to the bug!! Sorry you caught something nasty. I had something awful just a couple of weeks ago and it’s been recovery mode ever since.
    Love this look though. Get well soon!

  5. norbyah

    you know, i have the same affinity for the oversized menswear pieces, too. they’re comfy. and somehow, i find something really sexy and feminine about wearing something that my hubby could wear. i’ve lost count of how many mens sweaters i own….
    hope you’re on the mend!

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