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I’m still trying to get adjusted to this whole not going into work thing. I have so much more time on my hands where I don’t need to be rushed to finish all my school work in one day – which has been amazing, but, I’m also trying to learn how to equally spread my work out so I always have something to do. Not that I’m ever out of things to do since there are always articles, tutorials and new blogs to come across, so really my work is never complete! I think I’m just starting to get into a new routine, though I’m sure once I fully feel satisfied, school will be out for the Summer. Oh well, live and learn I guess! I don’t have any major plans this weekend as my little Mr. is out of town. I’m sure I will catch up on some of my guilty pleasure t.v. shows while he’s away otherwise they will sit in our queue forever! Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

P.S – Many of you asked about my tattoo in my last post.. I got it 3.5 years ago and it says, “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” XOX

27 thoughts on “My Week

  1. Nnenna

    Yes, it’s always takes time to adjust to a new schedule! Catching up on guilty pleasure TV sounds like the perfect thing to do on the weekend :)

  2. Joana Gomes

    I expect you’ll adapt soon enough. I’ll find it very hard to transition from college schedule to work schedule, I reckon. I love the sentence you have on your tattoo, very apt!

    xo Joana

  3. toni

    Lol. What’s so funny about your comment on my latest post is that I totally thought of you when I wore it! I thought it was definitely something you would like. :) and catching up on dvr TV sounds like a great easy to spend the weekend. Have a great one! <3


  4. TJ

    what a beautiful tattoo. love the quote! and these images are perfect!!
    now what are your guilty pleasure shows? i’m dying to know! :)
    xo TJ

  5. indie by heart

    Really cute photos. :)
    It’s nice to have some girl-time alone too, my bf doesn’t want to watch any of my favourite TV-shows either..

    Thank you for stopping by again :) Feel free to follow if you like ♥ Have a lovely weekend sweetie !

    Indie by heart

  6. Amy

    Adore these photos. I love your tattoo! The saying is so true and I’m sure there’s even a deeper meaning behind it for you.

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