New Sunglasses


[top: madewell pants: jcrew (love these too) shoes: miu miu (similar here) cardigan: moth (anthropologie) bag: madewell sunnies: c/o warby parker jewels: jennifer meyer & gorjana griffin]

I’m a pretty big sunglass hoarder. Even though I usually wear the same pair over and over, I love having options. Aside from shoes, I feel like sunglasses can really make or break an outfit. So whenever I get a new pair—like these Warby Parker ones that were sent to me—I try and style an outfit around them. My new pair feels so classic American, don’t they? (Hence my super patriotic outfit.) I just love the shape, color, and overall design—these will easily be my go-to pair of sunnies this spring.






Polka Dots and Jeweled Collars


[top: madewell dress: reformation x uo (old) shoes: marais usa bag: rebecca minkoff jewels: jennifer meyer]

As you all know, polka dots are my favorite print and jeweled collars (or collars in general) have always had—and always will— a special place in my wardrobe. I got this dress back in the fall and have worn it a few times. And somehow I always forget that it’s a sleeveless shift, which means it’s easy to layer—throw a shirt on underneath and boom(!) it’s like new again. What could be better than that? If the shirt underneath has a bedazzled collar, that’s what.







[top: h&m pants: marc by marc jacobs jacket: anthropologie (similar here) shoes: vans jewels: jennifer meyer & gorjana griffin]

I can never resist a sweater (or top) with cute words or sayings, but especially if in French. I’m pretty obsessed with Paris and dream of the day when I’ll be able to afford a charming little apartment there. But until that time comes, or until I make it back again, I’ll have to get my fix by day dreaming at pictures or through quirky clothes. It’s no wonder this sweater has been on constant rotation since getting it a few weeks ago. I love its casualness. But when I’m wearing it, naturally, I think of a fancy old French woman at a cafe, drinking cappuccinos while smoking a cigarette, saying L’Amour in that dreamy accent. Call me crazy, but I’m totally into the juxtaposition.