Plaid Pick-Me-Up

{dress, sunnies, hat, jacket: vintage sweater: marc jacobs shoes: zara bag: chanel jewels: vintage, ralph lauren, jennifer meyer & c/o anjolee}


I’m a big fan of a good plaid print but sometimes feel that it’s hard to find one with nice colors other than red and green. Clearly I was obsessed with this particular dress because it had a much more feminine feel to it and didn’t feel so holiday like. It has a drop waist but because of its length my short frame couldn’t pull it off. I try to not shy away from pieces that look too big because there are always ways to make something smaller. Whether you decide to hem its length, get it tailored to fit or in this case use a simple belt, don’t get discouraged by the size of something, you’d be surprised at how easily things can be adjusted to better fit with your style.

21 thoughts on “Plaid Pick-Me-Up

  1. toni

    I love the plaid and mustard yellow together!! And I agree. Half the fun in vintage shopping is getting to repurpose items to our taste. :) <3


  2. Joana Gomes

    Agree! A baggy dress can be modified tremendously just by adding a belt. The beauty is in seeing what’s beyond the garment, seeing its potential :)

    I love this plaid because it’s not Christmas-y.

    xo Joana

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