{pants: american apparel top, belt & cardigan: vintage shoes: steven purse: rebecca minkoff jewels: vintage & jennifer meyer}


It’s funny how things in a closet can be so easily forgotten about. As I was rummaging through piles of my clothes I came across a pair of peach trousers that I love but they somehow became a lost thought after moving to L.A. You can only imagine how happy I was when I found the pastel waistband peeking out under another pair of pants, I yes… had also forgotten about. I’ve been trying to come up with something to pair with my vintage blouse my best friend got me but for some reason I’ve had a hard time doing so. As soon as I came hold of my long lost trousers, I knew they would be the perfect item to wear with it.






30 thoughts on “Rediscovered

  1. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Wow, your hair is looking gorgeous!
    This is my favorite of your looks, I love how you’re wearing these looser trousers with the button up shirt and the chunky cardigan, you do the best combination of feminine with a Katharine Hepburn-ish flair at times.

  2. Suzanne

    The outfit looks like vintage menswear inspired casual. My favourite are the shoes. I’m so glad you went with brogues.


  3. norbyah

    what a treat finding those gems again. rediscovering an already loved piece of clothing is the equivalent of an unexpected birthday goodie, i reckon. i’ve got to start clearing out my closet….

  4. A Certain Vintage

    I am loving trousers at the minute but hate them on me! this look has inspired me to give them another go, the blouse is so pretty and I love the peach colour of these trousers

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