{shorts: madewell top: jcrew (stripe version here) chambray: madewell shoes: gap bag: madewell (love this) jeweles: vintage, jennifer meyer, kate spade, & c/o: anjolee}


In the blogging world I think a lot of bloggers feel obligated to wear something new in every outfit post, otherwise they’re committing the unthinkable. Do you know how silly that sounds – and is? Why have we allowed ourselves to get to this place where wearing something more than once is considered a faux pas? As much as I wish I did (and sometimes pretend I do) I don’t have the type of budget where I can buy a new outfit for every post. I would become a (pretty stylish) homeless person in a matter of months. But you know what? I give a lot of credit to those bloggers who rework their wardrobe because it makes them more inspiring and real for that matter. Having to push yourself to style outfits with the same pieces, but making sure they have a completely different vibe, isn’t an easy task . Honestly I even get frustrated trying but when I’m able to succeed at it, I feel rewarded.





 {See my similar outfit a few weeks ago here}

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34 thoughts on “Remixed

  1. Natali

    There’s nothing wrong in wearing some piece as many times as you like as long as you always put something new or different in the outfit.
    I don’t get why bloggers should always have a completely new outfit every time they make a new outfit post. It’s not realistic to most people and it’s waste of money and good clothing pieces which are never gonna be worn/ shown again.

  2. Suzanne

    I agree. I don’t even think that you have to change something in the outfit to repeat it necessarily. Sometimes you get an outfit perfect and frankly why would you change it? Just take your photos in a different spot and 99% of people won’t even know you’ve repeated it.

    I have definately found myself being sucked into the vortex of over-purchasing since I started fashion blogging. I am hoping this year to cut back dramatically and work with what is in my wardrobe.

    I adore this look! All the details and textures in each piece really create a layering story that is interesting and unique.


  3. katherine

    I think the idea of remixing was what made me start blogging. I dressed well dont get me wrong, but I kept wearing the same ‘outfits’ – like the one dress went with the one sweater. Starting my blog part of my goal was to be able to see more in my clothing than one outfit. IT’s a challenge, sure, but I like being real. I also love that when I wake up I try and find new things. Colored tights helpw tih remixed. ANYHOW – you are wearing two of my favorite things – dark lace shorts and a sequin top! And I’m totally in love with it.

    <3 katherineof corgis and cocktails

  4. norbyah

    i couldn’t agree with you more….in fact, the way things go, i usually wear things several times in a row because it becomes a go to piece for me. take for example, my last two posts… outfits are essentially the same. belted sweater, with a dress or skirt underneath. your outfit is FAB. love the sequined top. and those shorts. to die for.

  5. Linda

    Definitely agree – having the urge to wear something new for every post is just silly. Who has a closet that huge?? I like it when I know I”ve worn a piece a lot – it means I’m getting my money’s worth out of it.
    I love the gorgeous top you’re rocking with the crochet shorts!

    Trendy Teal

  6. Elsha

    I love this! It is so ridiculous and no homeless person should be that fashionable 😉 and your shorts are fabulous-that’s all!

  7. nancy @ adore to adorn

    totally agree with you about this topic. There’s an unrealistic pressure on “regular” bloggers compared to the well-known ones. I think we all hope to succeed in growth with our blogs but the reality is, only some do. Much like any art field. But, that shouldn’t discourage people and shouldn’t make us feel badly. While it would be so much fun to add new things to each outfit, I too would be broke and feeling the pains of it. I would rather grow my life with my husband than lose everything to material items. A lot of the well-known folks are also given a lot of things in order to entice all of us, which is much like the effect celebrities have when we see paparazzi photos of them. It’s a tad sad to realize how materialistic all this is but I also love the trial and error of learning what looks good and what doesn’t. After all, I still read blogs to discover new people and connect with people…even if some people don’t have the same intention. =)

    Sorry for the novel. hah..

    Happy Friday!


  8. Sam

    Hi Caitie, I fully agree with you, I do wonder how some bloggers never repeat an outfit, I too want a bottomless closet! But true creativity comes from rewiring and restyling previously worn looks. Super stunning look, love the shorts.

  9. Caroline L.

    I think seeing how a blogger remixes clothes is half the reason why I love them so much – it provides so much inspiration & creativity! Loving your lace shorts! :)

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