{shorts & blouse: forever 21 sweater: current elliot shoes: sergio rossi bag: rebecca minkoff glasses: ebay jewels: jennifer meyer}


With Spring just around the corner I’m having a really hard time not dressing myself as an Easter egg. I can never resist pastels worn with other pastels and I have to admit that I held myself back with this outfit after my boyfriend gave me a confused look; I knew he was thinking are you really going to wear that out? I took my colorful cardigan off and called it a day! I think I should ease myself into wearing light colors instead of overdosing, otherwise I’m bound to get some stares – at least right now, maybe April will be different. Though one Spring trend I’m too impatient to wait for is wearing eccentric sunglasses. I have quite the collection and can’t wait to pair them with all of my Spring getups. These purple ones being one of them!






42 thoughts on “Blossoming

  1. Toni

    You do have great pairs of sunglasses! I’m trying to build up my stash now. And remembering to wear them! :) That sweater is so cute and I’ve been loving pastels lately too. Hope you have a great weekend! <3


  2. Sam

    Pastels are so serene and calming, your top is very pretty, is that crochet? It so sweet. Thanks for your comment…have a wonderful weekend!

  3. norbyah

    catching up on all your posts!!! i redesigned my blog and had to enter every link in manually….and i accidentally left yours off! thank goodness i have seen your posts on Facebook. hope you are well!

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