A Lot Like Me

{top & jacket: vintage shorts: madewell (similar here) shoes: celine bag: rebecca minkoff jewels: jennifer meyer & c/o anjolee}

Do you ever feel like you kind of lose sight of who you are and what your style is? I always think about how much my style has evolved since high-school but looking back at old pictures I kind of miss that laid back Cali vibe I used to have. I’m not saying that I’ve lost all of that I just think that my tastes have shifted and I sometimes feel lost in the middle. I hate that I compare myself to other people because that’s when I really feel lost. Trying to wear certain things to make myself ‘fit in’ really just makes me feel worse! I don’t know why I do it to myself but I do know, that mixing a variety of my tastes from years ago and now makes me feel damn good; and a lot like me.






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25 thoughts on “A Lot Like Me

  1. Suzanne

    I agree that often times in the blogging world we can loose sight of our own style since we are overexposed to other people’s style and what the latest greatest trends are that we see literally everyone wearing.

    It’s important to retain your unique voice. I think we all want to stand out from the crowd and you can’t do that by looking like everyone else.

    I think you are a great testament to your own style since you always look like Caitie and I really couldn’t picture anyone but you in each of the outfits you wear.


  2. Lara

    I definitely agree. A lot of times I try so hard that I end up losing sight of what I really look and dress like, lol. I started a job a year ago at a very popular and preppy company and found myself trying to emulate the prep fashion instead of just being myself. I miss my laid back Cali vibe as well (I’m from NorCal too)! I’m glad you’re feeling back to yourself. You look happy in these photos, and I’m loving those shorts :)

    xox Lara http://www.weheartbeautyblog.com

  3. Sam

    Hiya dear, I think that style is constantly evolving and changes as we grow up. Love the combination of the pretty lace shorts with stripes and a denim jacket. tres chic!

  4. Imke

    Great post, very true! Sometimes I doubt my style a lot as well dear, you’re not alone. But honestly, you look gorgeous! Love this look on you.

    XO, Imke

  5. norbyah

    every time you wear these shorts, i think about how i need to get a cute pair like this…..gorgeous. i’ve entered your giveaway. taara jewelry has gorgeous pieces. i entered every way i could except twitter…..i haven’t been brave enough to do that yet =-)

    and, i couldn’t believe that i wasn’t following you on bloglovin’ yet, caitie!

  6. Toni

    You take the words right out of my mouth! I try not to, but I’m always comparing myself to other bloggers’ style. Like I envy how people can put stuff together color/pattern/shape wise and have it look amazing. Sometimes I think I don’t have the eye for that kind of stuff. It just makes me think that “personal styling” probably isn’t in the cards for me! LOL.

    But like you said, you just have to remember that you are your own person and what works for you, works for you! You pull off vintage mini dresses like no other! And your ability to take modern and vintage pieces and put them together is amazing! You are definitely an inspiration to me! :)

    I love those crochet lace shorts and those loafers are so cute! The patent leather is so fun. They remind me of tap shoes. :) <3


  7. katherine

    Sometimes I do feel like some outfits get a bit weird for myself, so I get what you are saying here. I love love love this top on you – I want it! the stripes and tie are beautiful.

  8. Elsha

    This post speaks to my soul :) I’ve been feeling the same way lately and sometimes you’ve just got to go back to your roots!! Love the lace shorts, they are my favorite piece here

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