{chambray: madewell jeans: jcrew (similar here) cardigan: coincidence & chance shoes: steven bag: thrifted glasses: american apparel belt: vintage jewels: jennifer meyer & c/o: anjolee}


I’ve never been a big pants girl simply because I can never find any that fit properly and then it gets too frustrating to even try. Recently however, I’ve noticed that jeans have been rotating in my wardrobe more frequently than usual. In fact over Thanksgiving break they became my uniform – with a button down and cardigan. When you’ve had good luck finding something that typically is hard to come by why shouldn’t you wear them proudly? And yes, by proudly I mean everyday. You can’t blame me though, because it’s a serious accomplishment to not only have found a pair of jeans that I like, but that they have polka dots on them too!

30 thoughts on “Uniform

  1. norbyah

    looks like polka dots have been cycling through, too. i love those jeans. bonus that they have polka dots…i can’t get enough. that seals it, i’m wearing polka dots tomorrow.

  2. Toni

    I’m glad you found a great pair of jeans! I know it’s frustrating when they’re always too long, or stretch out prematurely, etc. And even better that those have polka dots on them! Yay! <3


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