{overalls: vintage (love these too) top: topshop (similar here) shoes: anthropologie (old) bag: rebecca minkoff jewels: jennifer meyer, american apparel, c/o best personalized jewelry c/o anjolee

With my college graduation quickly approaching (17 days away!) I’ve kind of realized that I’m a little freaked out to become an adult. OK, I know I have already crossed over to adulthood, but I guess I’m not entirely ready to have all of the responsibilities that come with it. I know there’s nothing I can do about it so I shouldn’t spend too much time dwelling on something that I can’t change. I can however focus on things that I can change (my outfits); the more nostalgic the better! Don’t worry though, just because I’ve whipped out a pair of vintage short overalls doesn’t mean that I will also be putting an assortment of butterfly clips in my hair that I spent hours crimping (don’t pretend that you weren’t guilty, too!). Really though, I love that overalls — short and long, have made such a comeback; they can be surprisingly chic when styled right.







22 thoughts on “Flashback

  1. fashcollections

    Love the overalls, love the shoes. I would be lying if I said that transitioning from college to “adulthood” isn’t scary and at times hard but when it comes down to it, it’s pretty good :)

  2. Imogen

    Totally agree with you. I just had my university graduation and I am waiting for my first job to start and I feel the same way. Loving the way you paired the top with the overalls.

  3. Sam

    Hi dear, this is such a charming look, love your take on denim overalls. If there was one person I could relate your style to, its Alexa Chung, love her!

  4. norbyah

    i love the easiness of this look….the overalls do look comfy, though i’m probably never going to be able to wear them again after being pregnant….i remember my transition from college to ‘adulthood’….it takes a few years before it feels real….congratulations…and welcome!

  5. Nikki | The Ginger Diaries

    I’m done with college on June 7th (unless I fail my theses and have to re-write the thing), but I’ve found a way to NOT go to work 😡 I decided to go for ANOTHER degree, haha :) Anyway, love these lovely overalls on you! So fun that you pared them with a dot shirt ^^ x

  6. nancy @ adore to adorn

    Aw you look so cute here. LOVE the overalls on you and those sandals are amazing!
    Congrats on your (almost) graduation! Such an exciting and yet scary time! Welcome to adulthood! teehee

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