A Whole Lot of Love

{top: jcrew sweater: vintage shorts: forever21 bow: asos bag: thrifted shoes: gap (old but similar here) glasses: american apparel jewels: jennifer meyer, all things fabulous & c/o vivienne kelly}


I can’t believe I haven’t worn this blouse on my blog yet considering how much I love it. But seriously, what’s not to love about a silky smooth button down blouse with hearts all over it? I obviously haven’t had enough lovey-dovey-ness this month and with only a couple days left of February, I’m going to take full advantage! Yup, expect lots of pinks, reds, hearts and jewels – including this beauty I received from Vivienne Kelly. I’m obsessed with double finger rings and this hand painted gold one is one of the more special ones in my collection. It’s definitely going to become a regular item in my daily get-ups.






20 thoughts on “A Whole Lot of Love

  1. Suzanne

    You had me at the bow tie. Seriously…that is uber you. Turns something that was okay into something that is really stylish.


  2. federica

    Delicious look!
    Thanks for you lovely comment!
    I wait for you for a new exiting POST!
    Kisses from Rome

  3. Sam

    This is a print I heart – mind the pun, its so whimsical and cute, and looks pretty too! Love the styling with the pop of red.Thanks for your visit, have a great start to March!

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