Walking Ad

{top: madewell jeans: rich & skinny (old) top: madewell shoes: sam edelman bag: madewell (love this) vest: madewell glasses: american apparel jewels: vintage, anthropologie, jennifer meyer, & lf stores}


Do you guys ever feel like a walking billboard for a store? I try not to wear too many items from the same brand in one outfit but when there’s so much cute stuff it’s hard not to. I didn’t even really realize how Madewell-esque I was until I was already out the door. Can you really blame me though? Their clothes are the epitome of effortlessly cool and being a girl on the go and all, it makes it especially easy getting dressed in the mornings.





38 thoughts on “Walking Ad

  1. whitney

    i often feel like a jcrew ad (but probably not as put together). this outfit looks great!

    ps – check out my jack rogers giveaway on my blog!

  2. Samara

    I frequently look like a walking billboard for Madewell. I just can’t help it. It’s all SO good.

    PS — Did you see their Spring lookbook? I DIE.

  3. nancy @ adore to adorn

    totally know what you mean about being a “walking ad” haha…sometimes I don’t even realize it until I post an outfit and I’m writing the details out and I see it on the screen. Scary. hah.

  4. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Oh my gosh, this out has to be one of the cutest I’ve seen in a while and I LOVE how you worn the fur vest here! the brown looks so soft and pretty against your silky green blouse and the laid back boots just make this such a killer look. This is just so pretty slash cool!

  5. Sam

    Absolutely a fan of Madewell and you make an excellent brand ambassador! Love the lush green blouse, it looks so luxurious with the lovely vest.

  6. am2pmchic

    I love the combination of the fur vest the blouse and the shoes. Very nice to see and fun to wear :) .

    Thank you for come to our blog.



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