High Waisted Anything


[top: urban outfitters belt: madewell shorts: vintage shoes: forever21 (love these too) bag: rebecca minkoff (want this color too) jewels: jennifer meyer, alexis russell, c/o amy waltz designs, and tory burch]

I’ve always been a fan of high waist shorts, skirts, and even pants, but especially in the summer. I, at least, always feel really put together and confident when I’m wearing something high waisted, because the cut accentuates my waistline and covers other areas that I’m not as confident with. And, I feel like you can almost always dress up a pair of high waisted shorts, like these. While they are pretty casual, I think even wearing them with heeled sandals similar to the ones I’m wearing, and swapping out a t-shirt for something more sleek, could easily translate into the perfect summer date night look.






The Ticket to a Perfectly Curated Summer Wardrobe


[dress: silence + noise (love this) shirt: madewell (old but love this) jacket: forever 21 (love this and this) shoes: madewell bag: madewell jennifer meyer, alexis russell, c/o amy waltz designs, and tory burch]

The ticket to a perfectly curated summer wardrobe? By adding lightweight, versatile pieces to it throughout the year, so by the time the new season rolls around, you’re prepared. Case in point: This trench—which I got at Forever 21—that has seriously been one of the best layering items ever to grace my closet. It’s easy to throw on over anything, keeps me cool enough during the day, but also comfortable during cooler evenings. I guess you could say that, yes, I’m slightly obsessed.




June Gloom


[top: jcrew (love this & this too) pants: joie (similar here) jacket: sanctuary (old but love this) shoes: zara (love these) sunnies: celine (similar here) jewels: madewell (love this too), jennifer meyer, alexis russell, c/o amy waltz designs, and tory burch]

Anyone who lives in LA knows that June Gloom is a real thing. It’s chilly and overcast in the mornings and as the day goes on, it gets muggy, then it all clears up and is a typical sunny day. So, you can only imagine how hard it is to get dressed for weather like that! I’ve mostly been sticking to lightweight jeans and shirts that are topped off with a jacket around my waist. And as of late, I’ve been into wearing pinky-nudes and army greens together—the combo is sleek while still feeling summery.